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missing net-ifconfig-? API methods?


I'm using the perl 4.1 SDK with ontap 7.3.x filer, and have found a number of filers that do not support a full set of documented API methods.

In particular there are a number of filers that do not support the full set of net- methods.

For example:

Filer 1, FAS3070 7.3.3P1 reports (via system-api-list) the following net- methods:

'net-config-get-active', 'net-config-get-persistent', 'net-config-set-persistent', 'net-ifconfig-get', 'net-ifconfig-set', 'net-ipspace-assign', 'net-ipspace-create', 'net-ipspace-destroy', 'net-ipspace-list', 'net-ping', 'net-ping-info', 'net-resolve', 'net-route-add', 'net-route-delete', 'net-vlan-create', 'net-vlan-delete',

But Filer2,  FAS2050

only support a sub set of the API methods: 'net-ping', 'net-ping-info', net-resolve'

Why would this be? is it expected? Or do I have a bug with a particular ontap version?

The full diff of missing API methods on filer 2 (compared to filer 1) looks like:

<           'cifs-share-ace-delete', <           'cifs-share-ace-set', <           'cifs-share-acl-list-iter-end', <           'cifs-share-acl-list-iter-next', <           'cifs-share-acl-list-iter-start', 292,293d286 <           'lun-lba-hole-range-query', <           'lun-lba-is-hole', 327,339d319 <           'ndmp-backup-abort', <           'ndmp-backup-list-info', <           'ndmp-backup-shutdown-ndmpd', <           'ndmp-backup-start-ndmpd', <           'net-config-get-active', <           'net-config-get-persistent', <           'net-config-set-persistent', <           'net-ifconfig-get', <           'net-ifconfig-set', <           'net-ipspace-assign', <           'net-ipspace-create', <           'net-ipspace-destroy', <           'net-ipspace-list', 343,346d322 <           'net-route-add', <           'net-route-delete', <           'net-vlan-create', <           'net-vlan-delete', 514,516d489 <           'snapvault-add-softlock', <           'snapvault-get-all-softlocked-snapshots', <           'snapvault-get-softlocks', 532d504 <           'snapvault-remove-softlock', 621,622d592 <           'vfiler-check-degraded-aggr', <           'vfiler-collect-command-logs', 624d593 <           'vfiler-cutover-started', 626,627d594 <           'vfiler-disable-snapshot-creation', <           'vfiler-disable-snapshots', 644d610 <           'vfiler-migrate-prepare', 646d611 <           'vfiler-migrate-running', 648d612 <           'vfiler-migrate-state', 650,651d613 <           'vfiler-offline-volumes', <           'vfiler-peer', 655d616 <           'vfiler-source-fm-status', 658,659d618 <           'vfiler-unbind-ipaddress', <           'vfiler-volume-snapshot-create',


Re: missing net-ifconfig-? API methods?

NetApp Alumni

Hi Chris -

Please see: for some more details on network APIs.

Basically the SDK contains API documentation for the latest ONTAP and OnCommand releases.  Not all APIs are in past releases.  The SDK only contains methods to invoke the APIs that reside in ONTAP and OnCommand; therefore, different versions of ONTAP and OnCommand have different APIs.  APIs are only forward-compatible.


   - Rick -

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