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ontapi snapshot-list-info volume input parameter


From ONTAPI 1.5 onwards, the "volume" input parameter of snapshot-list-info has description as follows:

"Name of the volume on which to list the snaplist information. It is for backward compatibility. The recommended usage is to use arguments ("target-name", "target-type") pair."

We have some code written a while back that invokes snapshot-list-info with the volume parameter. We would like to know:

1) Is this volume parameter going to be obsoleted at some point?

2) If the above is true, then we would need to add logic to invoke snapshot-list-info with either target-name/target-type or volume parameter depending on what the filer supports. What would be the best way to make such a determination? Version check or is there a way to describe snapshot-list-info specification on a system to get valid input parameter names?



NetApp Alumni

Hi Adrienne,

The "volume" input parameter is not going away for snapshot-list-info.  Note that "volume" is not deprecated. It was recommended because I believe the snapshot team was planning to deprecate "volume", but never got around to it.  With all the effort focused on clustered ONTAP, this parameter will not be changed.

If you want to check parameters, the system-api-list and system-api-get-elements APIs can be used.  Also ONTAPI 1.5 is ONTAP 7.1.  See my API matrix blog for details.  With the API system-get-api-version, you can check for 1.5 and with system-get-version, you can check for 7.1.  Another approach is to use "target-type" and "target-name" and if it fails, revert to using "volume".


    - Rick -