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snapshot-create returned with 13005 reason: "Unable to find API: snapshot-create


I am getting the following error using 8.2.3P2 Cluster-Mode and netapp-manageability-sdk-5.5/lib/perl


snapshot-create returned with 13005 reason: "Unable to find API: snapshot-create


I do not get an error when I try to list snapshots, but the snapshot-create seems to have an issues.  In the past I have had to pick the correct Major/Minor API version pairs using some VooDoo magic to determine the correct versions.


We tested the calls outside my Perl scripts using the Zoom Tool (as well as with java -jar zexplore.jar) and we get the same resutls.  The list snapshots works, the snapshot-create does not.


Any ideas?


Also has anyone ever documented how to specify the API major/minor versions or even how to select the correct ONTAP and NMSDK versions to ensure compatability.  It does not seem that the APIs are always backwards compatible even for the most basic calls.







Thanks to everyone who tossed out suggestions.


Several great learnings!

  1. Neto from Brazil….Rocks!!!! I love NetApp – but not possibly as much as Neto!!!
  2. You can and should query the ‘system-get-ontapi-version’ value for the ONTAP filer to get the major and minor version supported by the filer. You can then turn around and use these values to set the major and minor values.  This will take the voodoo magic out of setting  
    # Creates a new object of NaServer class and sets the default value for the following object members:

#   syntax: new($server, $majorversion, $minorversion)

my $naserver = NaServer->new(CLUSTER_NAME, 1, 7);

  1. When setting the vserver value – use the vserver_name, not the lif or DNS/IP name, the actual vserver name as seen by the cluster.
    # set vserver to access
  2. Use the zoom tool from to test the API access.
    Alternately use the jexplore.jar/.exe tool found in the NMSDK -> <NMSDK>/zedi/zexplore.exe or <NMSDK>/zedi/zexplore.jar  (“java –jar zexplore.jar” to launch)


After trying all these things, we found that we got the setup working.  I will improve the documentation of the flow I created so future generations will not have to struggle like I did.