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version for manageontap.jar

how do we find the version of manageontap.jar in SDK?


Re: version for manageontap.jar

Currently there is no way you can find out the version of  jar file independently. The version of jar file will be the version of SDK  containing it.

Re: version for manageontap.jar

Hi ,

The latest manageontap.jar is 5.1 as on the netapp support site .But it has ontap till 8.1.1 apis only.I need apis for 8.2 p5 ontap ,then which verison of manageontap.jar is required and place to download it ?

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Re: version for manageontap.jar

Hi Noopur,

The latest version of NMSDK is 5.2 and the Java library is manageontap-5.2.jar.

This jar should work with the latest version of Data ONTAP.

BTW, manageontap.jar, in most cases, is independent of Data ONTAP versions.

So, manageontap-5.1.jar should also work with Data ONTAP 8.2 p5 version.

Please do let me know if you face any issues.



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