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vfiler-create in 7mode API unable to associate an IP with vlan



  I try the sample code as in the SDK, but find the vfiler-create api do not provide a association between the ip-address and pre-configured vlan.


result is as below: 


vfiler status -a vfiler_tsungte

vfiler_tsungte                   stopped

   ipspace: custom10

   IP address: [unconfigured]

   Path: /vol/tsungte_vfiler10 [/etc]

   UUID: 10094910-78a0-11e1-9bd0-00a098082adf

   Protocols allowed: 7

   Allowed: proto=rsh

   Allowed: proto=ssh

   Allowed: proto=nfs

   Allowed: proto=cifs

   Allowed: proto=iscsi

   Allowed: proto=ftp

   Allowed: proto=http

   Protocols disallowed: 0



Do you have any advise?


best regards,

Tsungte Lin

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