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Fpolicy sample don't work properly


I use an fpolicy sample from Manage ONTAP SDK 1.6. Registration ( FP_Registration ) and binding pass without errors. On a simulator I create fpolicy. But filer calls not FP_ScreenRequest. Calls only FP_ServerStatus and FP_ShutdownCP. In what there can be a problem and how to receive calls FP_ScreenRequest?

The equipment:

NetApp Release 7.2

Red Hat Linux WS 4

VMWare Workstation

Manage ONTAP SDK 1.6


NetAppSim> fpolicy show default

File policy default (file screening) is enabled.

File screen servers P/S Connect time (dd:hh:mm) Reqs Fails
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- \\SPB9508 Pri 00:00:01 0 0

Operations monitored:
File open,File create,File rename,File close,File delete,File read,File write
Directory rename,Directory delete,Directory create
Above operations are monitored for CIFS only

List of extensions to screen:

List of extensions not to screen:
Extensions-not-to-screen list is empty.

Number of files screened: 0
Number of screen failures: 0

NetAppSim> cifs shares
Name Mount Point Description
---- ----------- -----------
ETC$ /etc Remote Administration
** priv access only **
HOME /vol/vol0/home Default Share
everyone / Full Control
C$ / Remote Administration
** priv access only **


For those volumes with which I work fpolicy are enabled:


fpolicy volume include show default
List of volume specifications to screen:


Re: Fpolicy sample don't work properly


In your exapmle the fpolicy server is connected since 1 second. Have you created, edited, closed a file before capturing the fpolicy output?

Fpolicy requests are only created when you do something on the files. For example open or rename a file over cifs.

Are you using plain ONTAP 7.2? Maybe you want to go to a later release like



Re: Fpolicy sample don't work properly


It's illustration only. Really I keep connection by hours. Create, open, modify, close files.

In addition to ONTAP 7.2 I try ONTAP 7.2.4, 7.3.

But result don't change 😕

Re: Fpolicy sample don't work properly


HI Can you explain in detail how to check the fpolicy per share.


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