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wanna use zapi over https to communicate with a vfiler




could it be, that without a http license it is not possible to run https commands over the zapi?




perl -s root mypass volume-list-info


gives me:


<results status="failed" reason="in Zapi::invoke, cannot connect to socket" errno="13001"></results>


without the "s" everything works fine is a vfiler!!!!! on the vfiler0 this command works fine, but i need it on the vfiler







An http license is not required. What version of the SDK are you running as well as ONTAP rev. Not all commands are vfiler-enabled. The docs are pretty good at documenting this though.


the problem is not the command, because without https everything works fine, i only got the socket problem over https, but https is what i want (no clear passwords....)

i will post the ontap version next morning, when i will be in the office



ontap version is:

NetApp Release

The SDK is:



Hmm..I'm not sure if ssl is supported on vfilers. I can't seem to set it up in my lab (7.2.4). I can set up ssh, but not ssl which I can do on the physical filer (vfiler0).

This could be a limitation of multistore. I'll see if I can get someone from the SDK team to verify this as I'm not a developer.


My suspicions were just confirmed. It's not a ZAPI issue, it's a MultiStore/vfiler issue wrt support for https. I don't have a timeframe for this support. You could open a case and make sure an RFE is filed to make sure it gets on the roadmap. And if it is already there, more customers asking for it always helps.


Stop the presses! 😉 Found a solution here that doesn't involve ONTAP changes.

There is a way in the SDK to connect to vfiler0 and tunnell an SDK request to a vfiler. Look up the na_server_set_vfiler call.

Hope this helps.

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