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256 max luns NEED MORE


Hello ALL,

Doing a massive Exchange rollout and calculated I need 490 LUNS to accomplish the mission.  I am being limited to 256 LUNS via ESX.  Has anyone encountered this issue, and / or have a solution to get to the higher LUN count?

Thanks in advance,



Re: 256 max luns NEED MORE


Wow thats a hell of a lot of LUNs. Sadly 256 is still the limit with version 5. It does sound increadibly high, might have to revise your sizing. What version of Exchange (2010 Im hoping) are you running DAGs and LAGs is this including Mount point LUNs how many users per groups etc. Also how many Exch servers and are their boot disks included??

Might have to spread it out over several Vpshere clusters.

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