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Array Manager Pairing 2 SVMs on site A with 1 SVM on site B, SRM 6.5, Vsphere 6.5, SRA 7.2


I am requesting for help or pointers on a VMware SRM deployment scenario.

There are two sites each with a vcenter instance (6.5.1). Site A has a NetApp storage with 2 SVMs (SVM 1 and SVM 2) while site B has a NetApp storage with 1 SVM (SVM 3). SVM 1 and SVM 2 are both peered with SVM 3 and snapmirroring works, accordingly.

I am configuring VMware site recovery manager between the two sites. When creating the array managers, I can only pair one site A array manager (SVM) to the site B array manager (SVM). Any one ever encoutered this scenario and how did you manage to pair SVM 1 to SVM 3 and SVM 2 to SVM 3.


Any help or pointers will be appreciated.



For each pairing you need separate SRM and SRA servers at both the PROTECTED and RECOVERY sites.


So if I've interpreted your situation correctly, you will need to implement SRM and SRA appliances as follows:



SRM/SRA servers for SVM1 protection - paired with "a)" in SITE B

SRM/SRA servers for SVM2 protection - paired with "b)" in SITE B



a) SRM/SRA servers for SVM1 protction

b) SRM/SRA servers for SVM2 protction


This is very similar to my existing pairings - I am protecting two (2) groups of resources to a single DR location.


Thank you for the feedback nicholsongc,


I tried to implement your suggestion with 1 vCenter server per site but everytime I try to install the second SRM, it requests to overwrite the current SRM.


The same is the case for the SRA on the SRM. It requests to overwrite the the existing SRA.


How do I register double SRM instances?

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