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Behavior of datastore level SMVI backup with powered off VMs


Hi All,

We configured SMVI backups at datastore level. In that datastore multiple VM provisioned. One of the VM powered off and still is in ESXi inventory. During the SMVI schedule, will SMVI take the snapshot of that powered off VM?  I hope SMVI takes that VM's state.Kindly clear me. we no longer need the SMVI backup for that VM.Thanks in advance.

NetApp VSC Plugin Version:  2.1.2



Technically, it'll take the backup of any VM that is still in the datastore, powered on or not because the snapshot copies take place at the volume level. If you remove it from the inventory, it'll stop cataloging it. What is the concern around taking the backup of the powered off VM? Space? Compliance?

I don't need snapshot for that powered off VM. How can i exclude that VM from datastore level SMVI  backup.


You can't. The backup is at the Volume level on the controller. However if the VM is turned off then the backup for that VM takes Zero space. Remember NetApp snapshots are change block only so if the VM is off, no changing blocks.

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