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Best TRs for storage admins

Hi all,

I wanted to reach out to the community and see if anyone had some good reading material for new storage admins?  I have the NetApp Cookbook as well as the Storage Admin Guide but I wanted to see if there was anything else that anyone would suggest.  Any suggestions are encouraged.  The material does not have to be NetApp specific.  Anything that can help me learn is always welcomed.  I am currently an onsite storage admin for a web hosting company and I want to ensure that my knowledge is useful to the customer.

Thank you very much!

Chris Flaak


Best TRs for storage admins

Do you have links to the Cookbook and admon guide. Be great to share with the community.

Re: Best TRs for storage admins

Hi John,

I have attached the aforementioned documents.

Thank you,

Chris Flaak

Re: Best TRs for storage admins

I am pulling together an index of links and guide via this blog post.



Re: Best TRs for storage admins

If I remeber the numbers correctly the following are all very good papers to read.:

TR3749 NetApp and VMware

TR3505 Dedupe

TR3802 Ethernet

TR3446 Async VSM

and Storage subsystem technical FAQ.