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Can Not Access Storage On VSC 4.1 vSphere 5.1

Dear Guys,,

I have problem with VSC 4.1.

I install VSC 4.1 on vSphere 5.1. I did not get problem on installation progress.

VSC plugin can access on vSphere client. and running well.

But when i want to add storage, i have problem with credential logon. (*Error Message Attached)

My Storage use Data Ontap 7.3.1

options httpd.enable on

options ssl.enable on

Can you help me to resolve my problem?



Can Not Access Storage On VSC 4.1 vSphere 5.1

Hi Guys,

My Problem has resolved.

VSC 4.1 need options SSLv2 & v3 must enable.

There are not the options sslv2 & sslv3 on DOT 7.3.1.

I tried upgrade my DOT to 7.3.7 for get the options sslv2 & sslv3. and my problem has resolved.

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