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Can't add datastore "You do not have the minimum permissions"


VSC 4.1X1

cDOT 8.1RC1

ESXi 4.1

Created a VSC user with the RBAC tool for VSC 4.1P1.  However, I have the cluster mgmt lif connection method so I am logged in as cluster admin.

For some reason, while trying to create a datastore, I'm getting the "You do not have the minimum permissions" error...  I'm logged in as top-level administrator in vSphere.

- I also created a vsc specific user/role for Cloning/Provisioning and Backup/Recovery capabilities within vCenter.  Same error either way.

What might I be missing?

BTW.  My vserver shows a status of Normal, but a Status Reason of 'Authorization Failed'.  Can't seem to clear this.  Not sure if it's relevant.




Re: Can't add datastore "You do not have the minimum permissions"



The first thing I, and especially support, will want to clarify is that you're not using pre-release versions of both VSC and DOT.  I'm hoping you meant 4.1P1 and not 4.1X1.  If you're using X1, please upgrade!  That is considered a Beta build and likely did have some things we've since fixed.

Also, I know there are TONS of things that have changed for the better between 8.1RC1 and the more current 8.1.2 release.

I cannot comment on the specifics of what you're asking about user permissions, and whether or not it is directly related to those older pre-release builds, but please get those guys upgraded ASAP!

should be able to assist with the RBAC tool.


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