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Can't add datastore "You do not have the minimum permissions"


VSC 4.1X1

cDOT 8.1RC1

ESXi 4.1

Created a VSC user with the RBAC tool for VSC 4.1P1.  However, I have the cluster mgmt lif connection method so I am logged in as cluster admin.

For some reason, while trying to create a datastore, I'm getting the "You do not have the minimum permissions" error...  I'm logged in as top-level administrator in vSphere.

- I also created a vsc specific user/role for Cloning/Provisioning and Backup/Recovery capabilities within vCenter.  Same error either way.

What might I be missing?

BTW.  My vserver shows a status of Normal, but a Status Reason of 'Authorization Failed'.  Can't seem to clear this.  Not sure if it's relevant.






The first thing I, and especially support, will want to clarify is that you're not using pre-release versions of both VSC and DOT.  I'm hoping you meant 4.1P1 and not 4.1X1.  If you're using X1, please upgrade!  That is considered a Beta build and likely did have some things we've since fixed.

Also, I know there are TONS of things that have changed for the better between 8.1RC1 and the more current 8.1.2 release.

I cannot comment on the specifics of what you're asking about user permissions, and whether or not it is directly related to those older pre-release builds, but please get those guys upgraded ASAP!

should be able to assist with the RBAC tool.


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