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Cannot register plugin VSC 2.0

Hey guys, install went fine but no matter what I do I cannot register the plugin. I get:

"Registration failed with the following message: NVPF-00001: Invalid vSphere credentials: - administrator. Reason: java.rmi.RemoteException: VI SDK invoke exception:org.dom4j.DocumentException: null Nested exception: null"

The credentials *are* correct, though.

I have opened a support ticket and haven't heard a word from them yet.

Re: Cannot register plugin VSC 2.0

Hi there,

Does your vCenter username or password contain escape characters like "&", "<", or ">"?  If so, you'll need to change them to something alphanumeric to complete the registration.  You can change them back afterward.

Re: Cannot register plugin VSC 2.0

Yes, in fact is has an "&" in it...

Argh... I will change it and post back in a couple minutes.

Re: Cannot register plugin VSC 2.0

Used a different account and worked fine. Thanks for the info!