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Compression / Inline Dedupiclation Questions

Hey everyone I just got a FAS2650 that will be hosting our NFS ESXI storage environment on one controller (all SSD aggregate) and NFS/iSCSI/CIFS on the other controller (Spinning disks)

My question is should we be using compression on the all flash said for ESXI and also inline depilation instead of post dedup? We are on 9.2 but I also dont see inline Dedupiclation as an option when choosing the options. I read somewhere online that you have to enable it in an options file? Is that something I should do or should I stay away from that? Also with 9.2 comes cross volume deduplication that would be very beneficial for us as well. That requires inline deduplication which is what lead me down this path.

Any recommendations or up to date best practices would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Compression / Inline Dedupiclation Questions




the edit of the config is with commands (no files to be edited. maybe in good old 7 mode days)..

the global dedup is aggregate level. so as long as you set it only to the Volumes and AGGR that are flash based, you can use the like-to-like config as all-flash-fas system is coming pre-configured with. 


look on the following TR from page 43 on the "Feature andConfiguration Interoperability" section and from page 44 on the "GeneralWorkload-BasedStorageEfficiency Guidelines" to find the best combination for your workloads. 





Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

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