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Creating a blackout window for VSC backups.


I am attempting to create a window where no VSC NFS datastore backups are taking place for a 4-5 hour window at night.  I would like to have the VSC take hourly snap throughout the day until approx. 9:30 pm, wait for 5 hours for our Avamar to do a daily backup, then resume again at 2 or 3 am.

Currently I have run into DB and VM corruption since we have 2 backup products trying to take a snapshot at the same times (unless I manually suspend the VSC jobs).

The scheduling tool in the wizard will only let me specify hourly and daily, I could set up a daily start time at every hour but I don't think managing 40+ VSC jobs will be very friendly. 

Any help is appreciated.





Hi Alex,

There is no way to set the Scheduler to do this today in VSC. 2 options though, I would disable the VM quiecing on your hourly backups. That way the Avamar backup and the VSC backup will not run into each other...You don't really need VSS quiecing every hour (IMHO)

Option 2 is you could use the VSC command line to call the backup jobs and use a Windows scheduled task to kick that off. Thats less ideal as then the job don't really live in VSC and there are some quirks with that,



The odd thing is, is we have the VSS quiecing turned off currently and still had issues with corruption.  I'm going to try a backup again tonight and see if the issues pop up again.  If they do I guess I'll have to make some kind of massive amount of backup jobs and try to live with it.

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