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DSM vs. Host Kits


So dumb question but I'm building a config and there are two different options I can go... I'm hoping someone out there can tell me if there is a difference or if I need both of these.

In the client hardare/software config there is a listing for Host Attach Kit (which has a windows option) There is also a DSM MPIO for windows option. Are these infact that same or do I need both or just one. Help me understand what I need to do for a windows host connecting via fcp.

Thanks in advance!


Re: DSM vs. Host Kits


Strictly speaking you only need the DSM MPIO. The Host utillities only provide a toolkit for troubleshooting (please correct me if I'm wrong!).

Windows Server 2008 has Native MPIO, so you might not even need the ONTAP MPIO, but I have no experience with that.

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Re: DSM vs. Host Kits


Host kits provide general system settings to optimize things like path-timeout settings and provide diagnostic add-ons for management. The DSM is the MPIO engine which you definitely need in some cases.

All documents I read make the remark that you'd better install the host utilities for best operation, I think they are available at no charge.

Re: DSM vs. Host Kits


Correct -- if there's a Host Utilities Kit you always want to install it (among other things it sets timeout values that ensure the client system (Windows/VMware/Solaris/etc.) will handle a NetApp cluster failover without crashing....rather important).

Re: DSM vs. Host Kits


It seems to me that the DSM install now sets a lot of the (HBA, timeout, etc.) values that the HUK sets (for Windows anyway).  Is this true, and if so, is the only thing you gain with the HUK (over just the DSM) the troubleshooting tools?

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