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Default dedupe schedule


Does anyone know of a way to modify the default dedupe schedule for newly created and sis enabled volumes?

Have an HA pair that supports VMWare, and VM admins create new volumes and sis enable via VSC.  When they sis enable, the schedule defaults to midnight.  However, highest VM usage is actually during this time, so looking for a way to easily default new dedupe schedules to an alternate time (without changing time zone of the filers).  I have not yet dug into VSC to see if there is a way to change it there.




"sis config /vol/group_vol" helps you to look into the dedup schedules on SIS enabled volumes. "sis config -s /vol/group_vol wed, sat@03"  is a schedule example for your reference. Every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 AM, dedup gets triggered. There is another way of running dedup. For eg: "sis config -s auto@35 /vol/vol01" You can run deduplication scans when new or changed blocks changed since last scan exceed 35% of total deduplicated blocks. Without a number, the default for auto is 20%.

I hope this helped you.



Thank you, but I should have been more specific.  I understand how to change a dedupe schedule...my question is whether or not it is possible to change what the default schedule is.


Just found this. Have a look at it !

The document attached tells us that the default dedup schedule can be deleted. Hope it helps you.



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