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ESXi 5.1 vSphere Web client and VSC


Does anyone know if any plans to provide a VSC plugin that works with the new vSphere Web Client?


Re: ESXi 5.1 vSphere Web client and VSC


Cecil, VSC will have a new Web Client UI in VSC 5.0, which is targeted for FCS in late 2HCY2013.  Not only will it have deep integration into vCenter (for example, we "push" our storage objects - storage systems, Vservers,etc. - into the vCenter inventory, we add columns and portlets to VMware views with NetApp-specific information, etc.), but it will also enhance the end user experience by streamlining workflows and making the 4 components (Monitoring & Host Configuration, Provisioning & Cloning, Optimization & Migration, and Backup & Recovery) look like a single product :-). 

Re: ESXi 5.1 vSphere Web client and VSC


Thank you for the update. We are looking forward to to being able to manage VSC through the web interface. Is there a way to be notified when VSC 5.0 is available for download? I checked my "Product Profile" to configure an support alert for "Virtual Storage Console", but it wasn't in there. Thanks for the support!

Re: ESXi 5.1 vSphere Web client and VSC



Any update on the roadmap for the add-in for the web client?  I was just at VMWorld and apparently in vSphere 5.5 we lose our "fat vSphere" client.  I did see the netapp VSC integration in the 5.5 demos, but the SE running it said the code was still "alpha."

I need to get myself up to speed using the web client and rely heavily on the Netapp VSC, it would be great to have this BEFORE 5.5 ships in September.



Re: ESXi 5.1 vSphere Web client and VSC



Just an FYI, the vSphere c# client has not been depricated in vSphere 5.5, but it is on the roadmap to be removed in the next vSphere release.


Greg Davis


Re: ESXi 5.1 vSphere Web client and VSC


Jumping right ahead I am using vSphere We Client 5.5 and the VSC doesn't appear at all but works OK in the Vsphere Client,,,, which unfortunately doesn't have all the functionality of the web client.


Re: ESXi 5.1 vSphere Web client and VSC


There is a beta version of VSC 5.0, which integrates into the vSphere Web Client. Details are at https://communities.netapp.com/community/products_and_solutions/virtualization/vsc.

I have installed it successfully against the Linux-based vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) and I can confirm that the NetApp options appear in my Web Client view. I've discovered and added some controllers already but haven't got as far as using it for provisioning or backups.

Re: ESXi 5.1 vSphere Web client and VSC


OK Beta version of 5.0 now work in Browser (not IE only Chrome or Firefox) but the vSphere client now doesn't work at all so need to make the big leap to web client only which has some very strange vCenter navigation.

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