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Enhanced Linked Mode and SnapCenter/OnTAP Tools


We just configured a second vCenter server and connected it to our existing one via Enhanced Linked Mode. Everything i read indicated we need to stand up NEW SnapCenter and OnTAP Tools plug-ins for the new vCenter even if it's linked mode. However, within minutes, the new vCenter discovered the plug-ins on the existing vCenter and installed them on the new one, including the two NetApp plug-ins. How should we handle this situation? Once we move some hosts over, my understanding is that the existing plug-in won't work .



I found this KB that says - "When vCenter Servers are in Linked Mode, one SCV Plugin host needs to be setup for each VCenter Server. These SCV Plug-in hosts should be able to communicate with all vCenter Servers that are in the current Linked Mode configuration via port 443 and 8144."


Kb is suggesting that if you have 2 VC, then each must have it's own plug-in.
SCV Plug-in Host1 - VCenter Server 1
SCV Plug-in Host2 - VCenter Server 2




Thanks @Ontapforrum ! Yeah I'm aware of the instruction to have a 1-to-1 relationship of plug-in to vCenter, which is why it's confusing to me that the new one seems to have installed the existing plug-ins. Regardless, I'm going to move forward with installing new ones but just wanted to see if anyone had insight on this seeming anomoly.