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snapshot Directory not visible on ESX datastore


Hi All


Following Environment:

Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.2P1

ESX/Vcenter Client 5.5

Protocol NFS


In the Datastore Browser we see only the .snapshot directory from the Volume, which is mouted to the / of the Namespace. All underlying Volumes doesn't show the .snapshot Directory.



Configuration of the SVMs junction Paths:

vserver     volume           junction-path

----------- ---------------- -------------

svm1        svm1_root             /

svm1        svm1_backup           /svm1_backup <-- .snapshot visible

svm1        svm1_data01_SV        /svm1_backup/svm1_data01_SV <-- .snapshot not visible

svm1        svm1_data50_nosnap_SV /svm1_backup/svm1_data50_nosnap_SV <-- .snapshot not visible

svm1        svm1_os01_SV          /svm1_backup/svm1_os01_SV <-- .snapshot not visible

svm1        svm1_os50_nosnap_SV   /svm1_backup/svm1_os50_nosnap_SV <-- .snapshot not visible


Volume Options:

vserver    volume                  snapdir-access

----------- ----------------       --------------

svm01      svm01_root              true

svm01      svm01_backup            true

svm01      svm01_data01_SV         true

svm01      svm01_data50_nosnap_SV  true

svm01      svm01_os01_SV           true

svm01      svm01_os50_nosnap_SV    true


Do someone know this behavior or have we forgotten to configure Something.





Re: snapshot Directory not visible on ESX datastore


Hi All


I have opened a case at NetApp. This is a normal behavoir. You can only see the .snapshot Directory in the "root" of the NFS export , but you can access

manually by typing .snapshot in any directory. In the Datastorebrowser you can't manually typing . snapshot, so you can only access the .snapshot

in the "root" directory.


regards Thomas

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