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FCP Partner Path Misconfigured

I am still getting these messages after enabling alua on the igroups

lun config_check -A is showing that

> lun config_check -A

The following FCP Initiators are sending Read/Write i/o over the

FCP Partner Paths during the last 61583 seconds

WWPN                      Partner's Port       ops         bytes      ostype

21:00:00:1b:32:1d:7c:19               0d        10          5120      vmware

Offending OS: vmware

Proxy ops exceeded 300 out of 300 times

Proxy bytes exceed 0 out of 300 times

No Problems Found

any idea why? I have already followed this doc to enable alua



FCP Partner Path Misconfigured

What version of Vmware? Can you check on the Vmware server to see what it set as the preferred path?

Re: FCP Partner Path Misconfigured

esxi 4.1 i changed the policy to rr and dont see the errors anymore

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