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RCU 3.0 Issue

Hi all,

We are having issues with the Rapid Cloning Utility in vCenter 4.1. We are trying to rapid clone VMs by creating the clone in the same filer as the master VM. The clone is created successfully however the master (original) clone becomes corrupted in the process. On closer inspection we noticed that the VMDK file of the master clone is actually being moved onto the new clone and deleted from the master clone during the cloning process. This leaves the master clone without a VMDK file. This "move and delete" operation is can also be seen in the vCenter task list (see snapshot below).

Can anyone shed some light as to why this is happening and how we can avoid this?




RCU 3.0 Issue

anyone ... ?

Re: RCU 3.0 Issue

Moved here http://communities.netapp.com/thread/17417 as this might not be the right place for this discussion.

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