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Filer does not turn on after reboot -s



I have 3210 Filers configured as Active/Active in one chassis. I needed to reboot Filer 2 with Power cycle (as defined for reboot -s) without takeover process. So I used command reboot -s -f and it shutdown properly without Filer 1 taking it over.

But Last line on console showed "Shutting down.... " and nothing after that. I waited for some minutes without any change and tried reconnecting Console session. But it does not show anything (possibly it is in power down state)

Is there a way to boot it back up, as there is no power button separate for this filer without interrupting first filer power.


Yasir Irfat


Re: Filer does not turn on after reboot -s


Did you try “system power on” in SP? Otherwise if you are near filer, you could simply turn power off/on if they are in separate chassis, or pull controller out of chassis and plug it in if it is single chassis.

I am curious - why did you need to do it? I do not remember a single case when it was necessary to power cycle it.

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Re: Filer does not turn on after reboot -s


I'm curious too. I haven't seen anyone use -s but it is there for a reason.. What circumstance did you need to use it? 3210 has both controllers in the same chassis. I would sp in and see if any response or pull and reseat the controller module if no response. A case too before that for guidance

Re: Filer does not turn on after reboot -s


Yes it did workout with "system power on" through SP mode.

I have 3210 so its both controllers are in same chassis, therefore power off/on was not an option.

There was some fans noise that suddenly started and it was something related to battery and nvmem, a simple reboot did not slow down fans but reboot -s did work for normalizing fans on this controller. There  will be a patch for it but scheduling it ma take time so i tried reboot -s.

Re: Filer does not turn on after reboot -s


I think I remember this fan workaround. Was it the procedure where you also run ctrl-g into the sp to reset? Definitely worth upgrading the sp and ontap

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