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Help installing Netapp ESX Host Utilities 5.2


In the old version we did not need to specify the filers when we were installing the host utilites our ESX hosts.

With this version I have tried the following commands...


./install --access filer1:login:pwd filer2:login:pwd

./install --access filer1:login:pwd,filer2:login:pwd

It fails every time saying I am not supplying proper credentials for one of the filers.

I think I am just not issuing the command in the proper syntax when there are multiple filers...

Can someone please help?

What is the proper syntax when the ESX hosts are connected to "multiple" filers?

Please note that I am using version 5.2 of the utility.

thanks for any help....


Re: Help installing Netapp ESX Host Utilities 5.2



i ran ./install again and this time it prompted me for creds for each filer...not sure why it didnt work the first time..

anyway...lesson learnt...

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