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How to setup LACP for cluster with 6+ nodes


As far as I know only 4 * 10GbE can be in a active/active LACP setup according to CISCO site.  Is it Netapp's best practice to setup one single LACP with 6 active/ 6 passive ports for 6 node setup?  or should I setup multiple 4 * 10GbE, e.g. THREE LACP groups of  4 * 10GbE for 6 nodes?  





An LACP trunk can only go to a single controller at a time, but the swich links should conect to more than one switch.  For Cisco, this means using a pair of switches configured using VPC so they are a single logical switch.


So, in your instance, with 6 nodes, each node could/would have an LACP configuration with 2 links going to switch A and 2 going to switch B.  This would be a total of 24 ports (12 on each switch in the VPC). 



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