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Using VSC and trying to understand iSCSI "rcu_generated_alua", etc.


Hi All -


Running vSphere 5.5 with VSC setup and iSCSI from Netapp ONTAP 8.3 setup.  I am trying to best under what the intentions are with the "rcu_generated" initiator groups.  I created an initiator group for my hosts and have added all of the initators to that group.  When I go to change the initiator security on a LUN, I get an error stating that duplicate initators exist and so I can't assign both the "rcu_generated..." group along with the custom group I've created.


The problem is that it seems some of my colleagues are deploying the VSC by right-clicking the cluster, others are doing the datacenter, etc. and the results are all over the place initiator permission wise.


I now have a bunch of "rcu_generated" groups - I'd like to clean this up.  Any suggestions?



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