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Issue with VSC Backups (SMVI) not sending emails on failures


Just wondering if anyone else is using VSC Backups (SMVI) and experiencing the same issue.


We are not getting emails when jobs are failing. We have extensively checked our email server logs and junk mail settings and are very confident that no emails are being received from VSC when the job fails.

So we changed the settings in our jobs to send out alerts always.

Once we did this we started to get emails when the jobs completed successfully, however when a job fails we still don’t get an email.

We are running the following versions:

ONTAP 8.3.1
vSphere 6.0 u2
ESXi 6.0 3825889
Virtual Storage Console 6.2P1



I used to have the same problem and the reason was I installed it on the VMWare Environment, but I moved it to a dedicated server the problem was solved and now it's working flawlessly. The people from broadaxis helped me to remove the error. I guess they will be able to help you too. This is their website http://www.broadaxis.com/




Good luck mate


But was your issue the same? Were you getting any emails at all?

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