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Issues with VSC cmdlets in Powershell

Hello. This is in regards to VSC version 6.2.1P1D5 with vCenter 6.0. We've been successfully using the Netapp VSC plugin for the vSphere web client to create VMFS datastores and LUNs simultaneously, and would like the same functionality by making remote Powershell calls from Ansible. So far we're just working directly in Powershell, and after issuing the "connect-vscserver" command, it says "connected", but we're running into trouble after that. When we issue the command "Add-VscDatastore -storageSystemId xxx-yyyy-zzzz -datastoreName DS_test -hostName samplehostname -datastoreProtocol VMFS -containerName netappVolumename -datastoresize 5GB -svm samplesvm" it just comes back with a "3" and no new datastores or LUNs show up in vSphere or on our Netapp FAS array (I've changed the values in the previous command to generic names for security purposes). So we're wondering what the issue is here and why no datastore or LUN is being created when the command is issued? Please note that we have a one-to-one relationship where each datastore has its own unique LUN of the same name. We're also wondering how we provision a LUN using the cmdlets so that it's visible to an entire cluster and will be visible to all hosts? We have initiator groups with several ESXi hosts that the new LUN would need to end up in. In the vSphere client plugin, to accomplish this we just right-click on the cluster and then select "Netapp VSC -> Provison Datastore" from the menu and the new LUN is made visible to all hosts in the cluster. Thanks.


Hi Pete,


Sorry for the inconvenience, we will look into the problem you are facing and if the issue exists we will consider this in the next VSC planned release.
Till then please use the UI option for provisioning the datastores.