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LUN and Volume size


Hi Guys,

I have few queries and just want a clarification on below. please suggest and also let me know if any docuements from Netapp related to maximum configuration on Netapp filers.

my questions are:

how many times the LUN and Volume size can be increased on a filer?

how many LUNs can be assigned to Windows server, ESXi and any other Operating Systems from a filer?




Re: LUN and Volume size


1. There is no limit to increase / decrease volume / lun size

2. I did a research a while ago in regards of that issue for windows hosts, what i found is: there is no limit as long as you do not assign a drive letter. We currently use mount points on W2008 boxes and the average amount of luns 50+.

Re: LUN and Volume size


bear in mind though a NetApp LUN cannot be increased to more than 10x of its initial size.

Re: LUN and Volume size


There is (or at least, was) limit to how far you can increase LUN size. This is due to requirement to preserve geometry information (actually, cylinder size); so when you grow LUN, it increases number of cylinders. It is limited to 65536, so it is how far you can grow it.

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