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Upgrade to new filer


Right now I'm in the process of getting quotes etc for upgrading our existing FAS2020 (dual head) at our primary site and FAS2020 (single head) at our dr site to a newer filer and have received quotes from Netapp and EMC and am concerned with the performance that a newer filer will offer. Right now on the 2020 we are running into a cache buffer full issue (according to netapp support) Is there any really good data collection utility that will analyze all the performance metrics of the filer/esx hosts/virtual machines and spit out a nice little graph/numbers etc to make sure that the solution that we are looking at can first off improve our existing solution and allow for growth? Dell has a DPACK utility that gave me some good information but the more information I can get the better off I am going to be.


Re: Upgrade to new filer


You have OnCommand UM installed ? Or you can ask support to provide the graphs from a perfstat collected.

Other way to look you problem statement is to provide new set of requirements viz. IOPs Read/Write/Sequential/Random and space capacity and it will be size accordingly.


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