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Support for qtree's in VSC


Some of our customers use 7mode Qtree Snapmirror and Snapvault and to this end it is desirable to deploy datastores in a qtree.

For example an export might be:

/vol/datastore/qtdatastore     -sec=sys,root=esxi1:esxi2,rw=esxi1:esxi2

Will VSC provisioning support this?


Re: Support for qtree's in VSC


VSC Provisioning does not support provisioning a datastore in a qtree, nor does it support mounting a datastore that is in a qtree.

However, VSC does recognize that customers have a history of using qtrees for datastores, and so does support them as follows:

* You can clone (or redeploy) into an existing datastore that is backed by a qtree

* You can run space reclamation for a datastore that is backed by a qtree (but not a qtree within a vfiler)

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