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Lun size similar to volume size


I have an underspecced system.

Can I make the LUN sizes close to the volume sizes if I don't use snapshots?

i.e use all the storage with little overhead.

This is for Windows and VMware hosts.


Re: Lun size similar to volume size



I think you can. See here:

I created a volume of 60m:

[root@shoemaker-rhel6x64-01 ~]# ssh sin vol size volt

root@sin's password:

vol size: Flexible volume 'volt' has size 60m.

Set snap reserve to 0%

[root@shoemaker-rhel6x64-01 ~]# ssh sin snap reserve volt

root@sin's password:

Volume volt: current snapshot reserve is 0% or 0 k-bytes.

Tried to create a LUN of 60m with no reserve:

[root@shoemaker-rhel6x64-01 ~]# ssh sin lun create -s 60m -t windows -o noreserve  /vol/volt/lunt

root@sin's password:

lun create: created a LUN of size:   62.8m (65802240)

Hope this is useful



Re: Lun size similar to volume size


We do the same thing that Arun explained above and it works great.  This makes it nice so you can see amount of data in the LUN as if it were a volume using the "df" command.  Just remember that LUN's don't decrease in size when you delete data out of them so this is really a high water mark.

Good Luck,


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