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Masking to protect VMware LUNs and Linux LUNs




We have 3 iSCSI LUNs to serve 2 ESXi 5.1 hosts. Netapp filer initially only going to use for this. Neither chap or masking was used to protect access.

But now seeing how well it works we also have a LUN for a Linux server 😉

I can protect the LUNs by masking to prevent the Linux server to access the vmware LUNs and vice versa. In some places even speak of giving permissions read, write, etc.

How do I prevent the Linux see the other LUNs? I don't want a simple "iscsiadm –m discovery" crash the other LUNs.

With OnCommand I have created a new LUN for Linux with its own Initiator Group and I added the Initiator Name of Linux server within.


That's all? I don't find if using CLI we can configure this "exclusion".

Thanks in advance



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