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VSC info missing and scheduling


Hi We have just upgraded to VSphere 5.5 from 5.1.


While I am unfamiliar with the web based VSphere Client vs. the installed client I am getting used to it and am largely liking the improvements.


One thing I cannot seem to find though is any information regarding the current status of VSC initiated backups in that I liked seeing each VM being backed up, it was also useful when troubleshooting.

The prompt states that you can see the progress in the recent tasks area but I dont see anything in here, am I missing something?


Secondly, my previous 2 hourly snapshots were set between the periods of 6am to 6pm (working hours only), now it appears that I cannot choose the period but not the actual time (its pretty pointless for us snapping out of hours), has this functionality disappeared?


Thanks in advance for any replies.



Re: VSC info missing and scheduling


Sorry, just found the more tasks button 🙂


Second question still applies though, thanks.

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