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Moving Files from/to FAS2020


noob alert.

We have a fas2020 and a ds14mk2 shelf.

What is the fastest way to move VMs on/off the filer?

Currently we load them onto a windows machine that is on the network, then scp them via an ESX host to the LUN that's on the NetApp filer.

There must be a better way (i.e. attaching a usb disk) but i cant find one...


Re: Moving Files from/to FAS2020


Nope, network is basically the only way. You should get well over 100mb/s for an interface aggregate with both onboard ports.

But don't SCP then through the service console as it is painfully slow. If you use NFS as datastore, you can copy them from any linux box via NFS mount. If you have to use SSH through the Service Console (for FCP LUNs for example), use some tool like Veeam FastSCP or similar, as it is a lot faster than regular SCP.


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Re: Moving Files from/to FAS2020


awesome thanks Michael. we're using iscsi luns. just tried fastscp and it really is faster thanks!

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