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Re: Multistore and VIFs

I mean that one organization which manages one vFiler can configure the same VLAN(s) as second vFiler and potentially will have opportunity to steal sensitive data.

vFilers are managed through vfiler0. There is no way administrator who has access only to vfiler != vfiler0 can add additional interfaces to this vfiler. It has to be done through vfiler0.

And yes, you have to trust whoever manages vfiler0. Just as you have to trust your cloud provider, your hosting provider and dozens of other providers whose services you use everyday.


Re: Multistore and VIFs

Your English seems great to me J True that more than one vFiler can be on the same VLAN (most don’t do this though) regardless of IPspace… even if a different routing table you could configure the same VLAN on both vFilers and that could be a security concern. A key point though is that the vFiler admin cannot create VLANs…those are by the vfiler0 admin (the same is true of creating/destroying aggregates and volumes). So the vfiler0 admin is the security police in this case to ensure multiple vFilers are on separate networks.

Re: Multistore and VIFs

So that is a different situation than "each vFiler can manage their VLANs".

In other words there is only one "global admin" who managing VLANs am I right?

Re: Multistore and VIFs

Yes..only vFiler0 can create and ifconfig the VLAN interfaces.

Re: Multistore and VIFs

>A key point though is that the vFiler admin cannot create VLANs

This is the answer, many thanks Scott & aborzenkov for such a quick replays

Re: Multistore and VIFs

do the vFilers support multiple default gateways?

So if I am running two vFilers can they each have their own default gateway?

If yes, how do you accomplish this?



Re: Multistore and VIFs

Different IPspaces. There is one default gateway per ipspace. So if two vFilers are in the same ipspace, only one can set it and the other would get an error setting what is already there. If different gateways are needed then a use case for a new ipspace. Or route add net/host commands which can be painful.

Re: Multistore and VIFs

We have customers who run within their own vfiler – each vfiler has its own ipspace and as Scott said, each ipspace has its own default route.

Works great…