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NFS mount from a share show 0B

created an NFS share and mapped  to my esxi1blade1os host. 
I mapped the esxi server to the share as a nfs ver 4.1. Version 3 would not connect. 
The "datatstore" from the NFS share in vsphere and esxi df -h shows 0B. 
Thusa the backup software I am attempting to use does not see any space to backup to from esxi server. 
We mapped to the same nfs server share via a Mac computer and it reports using df- h the proper size of 4TB so its seem the share is setup properly



Validated  there is connectivity with the nfs share

Permission are read-write.

Can copy file and mk directorys on this share.

But the backup software wont get past the 0B and fails.




Re: NFS mount from a share show 0B

Hi Gaganpreets,


How are you?

I hope this must have been already resolved? you may had to wait for a while to get the actual size reflected on your vCenter?




Re: NFS mount from a share show 0B

Actually customer was mounting the datastore from the nested configuration 

I mean created a share from local Windows guest os and mounted it to Esxi server 

When done df -h it show 0B


Share the article with the customer ... 


Re: NFS mount from a share show 0B

Thank you!

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