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Unable to see extra space after LUN resized


I have resized a  LUN to increase the capacity within filer, but the newly resized amount is not seen when trying to increase the VMFS datastore within VMware.  Tried to rescan the storage adapters but the issue persist .

Thank you


Re: Unable to see extra space after LUN resized

Hi Bogdan,


How are you doing?


I hope you did:

1)Resize the LUN in NetApp

2)Rescan from vCenter, may not be required all the time

3)Right click on the datastore >increase Datastore capacity>complete the wizard 

4) You should be all good


If not can you please double check the LUN ID and make sure that you expanded the correct LUN by comparing the ID?

The serial number of the LUN can be seen using the below command from ONTAP CLI

 cluster::>lun show </vol/lunpath> -fields serial-hex


Also make sure that your Hyperviser supports the increased disk size. 


Hope this helps!




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