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NFS on VMware issue after enabling CIFs


Hi... this is a little confusing to me but I'll throw it out there.

We had a NFS share being used in VMware to hold ISOs and VM templates.  CIFs was also enabled on this filer but did not appear to be authenticating correctly with AD.  I decided to go through the CIFs setup wizard again after troubleshooting unsuccessfully on how to create a CIFs share.  Immediately after the service was stopped I lost permissions to my folders in the NFS datastore in vsphere.  The datastore is still connected in VMware (shows normal in the console) but the folders have disappeared... (I presume that somehow VMware lost permissions to this volume even though it's still connected.  I can now map a CIFS share (with full NTFS permissions) to the same level that the other folders are on and see the other directories... but it is list access only when I browse the old VMware unix directories.

I've been reading through TR-3490 after some other recommendations on the forum so I've picked up a little more background but I'm still kind of lost as to how to restore VMware's access to these folders.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Happy to provide additional info if requested..



Hello everyone.

We were having the exact same problem in our infrastructure.

The solution appeared to be that you need to change your NFS VMware datastore volume's Security style back to UNIX from (CIFS automatically configured it to NTFS).


Hi Thomas ,  i have the same problem. The NFS store vmachines are on and working but i can not browse the nfs datastore from vmware anymore .

This happent after i configure the CIFS on other volume , by the way cifs working perfect inside AD .

Please let me know if you figure something .

kind regards , Mihai


What is security style of NFS data store?


Hi Aborzenkov ,  the security is only UNIX and root access to all hosts .

thank you

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