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VSC 5.0 Provisioning Error

I am having issues with VSC datastore provisioning on my production filers. Provisioning is working fine on my test filers. I get this message in the kamino.log file:

  Cannot create or mount NFS datastore because either none of your ESX host's VMkernel interfaces share a subnet with the controller or it would create an indirect data path. Try adding the network of the VMkernel interface(s) you'd like to use to mount to the default.allow.nfs.mount.networks property in the kaminoprefs.xml preferences file.

I have kernel ports and LIFs on the same subnets. All the LIFs are pingable from the esx hosts. Any ideas what's going on?




Re: VSC 5.0 Provisioning Error

I figured out the issue, despite the awesome error message! When I created the SMV that I was creating volumes on, I added the NFS protocol. It starts the SVM with NFS disabled. Once I enabled it, provisioning is working. Hope this helps others some day!



Re: VSC 5.0 Provisioning Error

Good tip.  I was stuck on same issue and this fixed it.  When attempting to provision new datastore using VSC 5.0 from VCenter via VSphere web client I was getting these errors:

NFS mount <lif IP>:/<new_vol_name> failed: Unable to connect to NFS server.

Sysinfo set operation VSI_MODULE_NODE_mount failed with error status Unable to connect to NFS server.

The attempts were creating an export policy and populating it with the IPs of my ESXi hosts.

To fix I opened Netapp OC System Manager and went to:

Storage Virtual Machines - VServer (name) - Configuration - Protocols - NFS

and enabled NFS there.

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