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NetApp and Cisco: Virtualizing the Data Center


NetApp and Cisco recently announced a partnership to deliver a fully virtualized dynamic data center architecture that combines the benefits of Cisco Unifed Compute System (UCS) and NetApp unified storage.  In the May issue of Tech ONTap, I wrote an article that describes some of the technology behind this joint offering with links to an expanded joint white paper for full details.

You can check out the article athttp://www.netapp.com/us/communities/tech-ontap/tot-netappandcisco-datacenter-0509.html

What do you think about the combination of UCS and NetApp unified storage? Does it make sense for your data center? Why or why not?


Re: NetApp and Cisco: Virtualizing the Data Center


Cisco, NetApp and VMware announced on January 26, 2010 that they are expanding their collaboration to deliver new design architectures that help customers evolve virtualized data centers to be more efficient, dynamic and secure.  The three companies introduced an end-to-end Secure Multi-tenancy design architecture that provides enhanced security in cloud enviroments.  For more information, see this web site: http://www.imaginevirtuallyanything.com/?REF_SOURCE=communities

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