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Am new to virtualization, does anyone have a good topology they can share for using vmware with storage? 

I do see using layer 3 switches trunked with the storage seems to be recomended, can this be off the core switches or should this be separate.

Thanks in advance,




Look at TR-3802 Ethernet Storage and, of course, TR-3749 NetApp and VMware vSphere Best Practices, at first.

These docs are good point for beginners.

Is it best practice (or should I ask how do I get the maximum
performance) to have a smaller number of large aggregates or to have specialized
"types of data" based aggregates such as SQL Database Aggregates and
carve out datastores and only put SQL Databases in those datastores. Then have
SQL Transaction Logs aggregates and carve out datastores and only put SQL
Transaction logs in those datastores. Then have ORACLE
aggregrates.etc....etc.....Or should I have aggregates based on sequential and
non-sequential read/writes and place my datastores in those aggregates? Various
storage admins have told me that you should only have one or two very large
64bit aggregates and dump everything in them and this is just as good as
anything else and you get the most IOPS. Then other admins state you should
have aggregates based on the type of traffic. So I am not sure who to believe.

In my point off view best practice are separate os ( same) with dedup , database with compression. If you have Only one ctrl create 2 agregate to separate database and log but more simple is your configuration more better she Will be
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