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Netapp & Vmware vSphere best practice is already out of date


TR-3749 is already out of date, despite the fact that it was updated as late as september 2011.

That is one month after the public release of vSphere 5 and months after the paperlaunch of the new Vmware.

One would expect Netapp to have access to the new vSphere 5 ahead of release and have the paper ready as soon as the product is released.

Instead the paper still refers to the previous release vSphere 4.1 features and limitations.

What am I missing in the paper you maybe ask.

*) Updated VMFS5, limitations and possibilities (like the VAAI UNMAP function, large LUN support)

*) Updated VAAI functions, requirements (on Netapp/Ontap systems) and recomendations

*) Best practise for number of LUNs, given the above improvments

*) Datastore clusters, best practises and recommendations (LUN layouts vs aggregates etc..)

*) SIOC, best practise vs Datastore clusters, number of LUNS and how they are distributed on aggregates

*) How to use Vmware VASA with Netapp systems

*) Vmware VASA, will it give Vmware hints like "these LUNs/NFS Volumes are on the same disk/aggregate and adjust SIOC accordingly"

*) Netapp SSD vs vSphere SSD support, best practices.

Just my thoughts about how to improve the document



I think this is the latest one: