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SMVI jobs takes hours: Could not lock all virtual machines



I have a customer with VSC 2.0 and SMVI, inluding SnapMirror and SnapVault (via sv-smvi Script).

some jobs are running fine, other are running for hours!

we're starting them at about 23:00 and two of them finish at 6 to 7 am the next morning.

the log contains the following sentence every minute:

Could not lock all virtual machines. The lock process will continue to be retried until it succeeds.

and suddenly it goes on as nothing happened and the job succeeds:

<message>Script sv-smvi-bnc.cmd is starting in phase PRE_BACKUP</message>


basically the jobs are running fine. but it takes ages until the VMs can be locked.

what could prevent the locking?

I don't think it's the VMware snapshots, because they would timeout und the job goes on in minutes, not hours.

could this be an SnapMirror or Snapvault which is running?



We have the same issues. Have you found a solution?

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