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Netapp VSC Plugin for VSphere

Hey Guys,

How can I uninstall the Netapp VSC Plugin from my computer? Basically what happened is the plugin was installed, and the IP of my VCenter Server has changed, but the Netapp VSC Keeps looking for the old IP, and fails to enable. If I could remove it, then it will pick the settings back up from the VCenter Server.



Re: Netapp VSC Plugin for VSphere


Did you try 'Add/remove Software' option under Windows?

Before reinstalling though:

Can't you point VSC to the new vCenter IP address via web browser?


(more details: http://now.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/hba/vsc/relvsc10/html/software/install/frameset.html)


Re: Netapp VSC Plugin for VSphere

It happened the same to me, i just installed the plugin on another computer and executed the wizard again from another computer....  it wasn't very dificult!!

good luck!

Re: Netapp VSC Plugin for VSphere

Thanks for the reply. What is it under in Add/Remove Programs? I searched and there is no plugin entry in there, or I couldnt find it anyways.

As far as my vCenter Server goes, the webpage works fine, and says the Netapp VSC is already registered to vCenter. As I mentioned, it seems related to where I have the vSphere Client installed, and I need to remove that, or change the IP its looking at. 

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