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I have multiple objects to back up and SnapVault to a 7-mode target.  VMs living on NetApp filers, NetApp CIFS volumes, physical servers requiring OSSV.  This environment is all 7-mode.


I figured OCUM Core for physical, and OCUM Host Package for virtual.


OCU-HP documentation says it does pretty much everything that VSC does--and maybe more--at least as far as backup and restore are concerned.


Three questions:


1. Is there any reason for me to bother with VSC, if OCUM-HP does include all of VSC's functionality?


2.  Any downsides to creating a single backup policy to backup all my VMs at once, if they all have the same scheduling/retention requirements?  Assume I'm not taking vmware snapshots, just array-level snapshots.


3.  When are vmware snapshots recommended as part of backing up a VM?  I've seen postings that point out downsides of taking vmware snapshots, such as momentary VM freezes, etc.  Is crash-consistent backup of a VM, when it's backed up with no vmware snapshot option, good enough for most circumstances, except maybe for DB applications?

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