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Ontap Tools for VMware vSphere upgrade fails.


Attempting to upgrade Ontap Tools for VMware vSphere from 9.10 to 9.11 and the upgrade fails.


I go through the process of downloading the ISO, snapping the server, and then logging into the maintenance console.  I enter 8 at the prompt and then yes, yes, and the upgrade starts.  After about 7 or 8 minutes, I get the message "Virtual appliance upgrade failed.  Contact NetApp customer support and provide the necessary log information."


When I look at the log, it's 89 lines of "command not found" and then finally on line 90 it states: "syntax error near unexpected token '(' 'debsig: Verified package from 'Vee appliance packages' (VeeBuilder)'


Looking back at vSphere (7.0.3) I get messages that plugin 9.10 successfully uninstalled and then another that 9.11 successfully installed.


I can restore back to the snap but why is my upgrade install failing?  Honestly, I'd estimate that 50% or so of my attempts at upgrading fail with this product and I'd really like to get to the bottom of the issue.  The product seems to run just fine, but the upgrade process is terrible (for my environment, your mileage may vary).


Anybody have any suggestions?  I have not yet opened a ticket with NetApp but I'll be doing that in a few minutes.





I would also suggest raising a ticket with NetApp. I found one article wrt OTV upgrade for 9.11 but I don't know if that is also the cause for your case. Have you tried re-downloading the 9.11 package and running it again, sometimes it might have been currupt (you can always verify checksum to ensure the package is good).





Thank you for the suggestion and the link.

I verified the checksums of what I have and what NetApp states that it should be, and they match.

I have opened a support case and they attempted to replicate the problem in their lab but could not.  Next step is a video conference so they can verify that I am performing the upgrade correctly. 

This all seems to point that it's our environment that is the source of the issue. 

Uninstalling this product and then reinstalling doesn't seem to be too big of an issue, but I want Support to take a look before I do that.



No worries. I think you have taken the wise step by raising a ticket. Hopefully, the issue is identified and resolved in the video call. Do let us know.


@DBWannaBe   were you able to get this sorted out? If so, do you mind sharing what was wrong?

Community Manager \\ NetApp