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P2V Snap Drive



We are looking to P2V some of our physical estate into VMware that are currently connected using snapdrive luns. Is this approach supported or do we have to robocopy the data to the virtual server once the P2V of the OS is complete?


Re: P2V Snap Drive

Hi there, is your plan to disconnect the LUN from the physical server and reconnect it to the virtual one? That should work fine and is quite simple for iSCSI.


For FC LUNs, you would need to look into RDM or VMDK snapdrive connectivity, but that is possible.

Re: P2V Snap Drive

The plan is to move the data from iscsi luns to vmdk. We are migrating the data from non supported storage

Re: P2V Snap Drive

Ok, in this scenario create a seperate VMDK for the drive to be managed by snapdrive, and then setup snapdrive VMDK support following these instructions - https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1217281/html/GUID-39AD1BFF-86EF-4F64-9853-4CE3AA1AED63.html

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