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VSC 7.1 Storage information is not displaying


Greetings -

I saw a similar post on this but it did not simulate my scenario.


We are running 6.5u1 vcenter. and VSC 7.1 Appliance with Snapcenter 4.0. If i try to add the storage controller it says it already exists. But the list shows nothing.


(see attachments)








Any update on this?  I am experiencing this exact problem with VSC 7.0P1 / vCenter 6.0.  I can add the arrays and provision storage, but this list is blank.


Can you share the vsc.log from under /opt/netapp/vscserver/logs after you've tried the operation? This will help in debugging it.


you could just generate the support bundle and attach it. That will be better.


Hi did you get any answers on this I am having a similar problem VSC is not displaying any of the exisitng datastores, if you create a new datastore using vsc it displays fine. In the vsc.log I have found an error which might point to the problem.


2018-04-25 10:21:10,832 [qtp57085696-3584 - /vsc/remoting/exoforceRmiExporter?sessionId=36f503ca42ced870ae795d3581d9637b730688e2&serviceUrl=https://SPUKCVCSA01.lab.pcms.local:443/sdk] WARN  (DataServiceImpl) - Couldn't find controller owner for NFS: 


Everything looks to be fine in VscHosts.xml and VscControllers.xml and we have deployed 7.1 once before and had not problems with it but it was looking at a differenet storeage cluster so might there be something in the version of ontap that needs an update ?


@pcmssysadmi - Who is the "you" in this thread?


If it was meant for me. Sorry to report - but no, by the time I receievd a reply I realized I didn't require VSC 7.1 in my environment. so i eliminated from my setup before I dug deeper into this.



- Is VSC 7.1 a new appliance or was it upgraded from an previous 7.0 instance?

- Were any storage systems seen at anytime before?

- Do you have any logs ideally the kamino.log from /opt/netapp/vscserver?





Hi below is the responses to your inquiry.



 Is VSC 7.1 a new appliance or was it upgraded from an previous 7.0 instance?

This is a new instance of 7.1 (not upgraded from 7.0) We used to have vsc 6.X but has been decommed.

- Were any storage systems seen at anytime before?

Only in 6.x. I never saw them in 7.1

- Do you have any logs ideally the kamino.log from /opt/netapp/vscserver?

No I do not. I can generate a support bundle if yo wish. Let me know where to send. If you want the specific kamino logs then let me know what process for that.

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